New Co-Lab Studio East in Lilly Library

Walk into Lilly Library, take a right into Room 115 and you’re looking at the new Co-Lab Studio on East Campus! Previously occupied as a Multimedia Project Studio lab, the space now encapsulates 15 Ultimaker 2’s, 5 MPS hybrid machines, 2 work benches and a stocked tool chest – the essentials for any 3-D printing enthusiast, both novice and advanced.

All Duke faculty, students and staff can access the new Co-Lab Studio addition, however, the maker space in the heart of East Campus is primarily geared towards freshman, who now have the ability to pick-up their prints without having to bus all the way to West Campus. Furthermore, the space serves to broaden freshman interest towards the maker/tinkerer/DIY-er community.

The initiative is a start to the expansion of Co-Lab Studio, with a potential future location in the arts building off Central Campus. Co-Lab Studio manager, Chip Bobbert, attests to the idea of bringing the resources of OIT on Telecom Dr. to all areas across Duke’s campus to ensure that distance need not be a limitation to designing, creating and 3-D printing.

As per usual, 3DPrinterOS will be used to manage prints and the advanced 3D printing privileges apply to those who have taken the course. Co-Lab Studio East will be staffed with student employees from both Co-Lab and MPS, providing the space with student support from backgrounds in engineering, visual arts, multimedia and computer science. Additionally, possibilities for first year employment are high, considering their proximity to East Campus and the growth in exposure to 3D printing in high school.

“Opportunity is the one that they create”. With the opening of Co-Lab Studio East running in conjunction to the pilot semester of the first year engineering design course in Pratt, the class of 2021 appear to be at the cusp of creative opportunity at Duke!



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