Duke DesignHub: A little bit about us!

Quite often, interdisciplinary demands within Duke’s research, teaching staff and student startup community spark a need for a custom made part. The problem is, you don’t know how to make it..

That’s where Duke DesignHub comes in! A pilot project launched by the Office of Information Technology (OIT), the Innovation Co-Lab’s DesignHub aims to transform virtual ideas into deliverable objects. Amidst rapid prototyping resources, we seek to connect talented and capable student designers, creators and engineers with those in need of custom design services.

The creative process starts with conveying a design vision. From there, we pair you up with one our DesignHub engineers, based on compatibility of the project idea to the student’s design expertise. Powered by student employees, our team of engineers bring tremendous energy, enthusiasm and problem solving abilities to bring the product into fruition.

DesignHub services are provided on a cost recovery basis to cover student labor, materials and overhead. While we encourage you to always shop around, printing a prototype is often more affordable than building one by hand, and at a fraction of the cost of contracting a manufacturer to do it. With dedicated project investment, in-house printing and easily assessable fabrication equipment, Duke DesignHub offers rapid turnaround when it comes to taking a digital concept to placing results of that concept in the user’s hand.

Email Chip about your idea at chip.bobbert@duke.edu

Pricing information can be found here: https://bluesmith.oit.duke.edu


Meet our DesignHub team!

Chip Bobbert, Service Manager

Ross Winston, Project Manager

Anne Li , Technical Communicator

Andrea Rossman , Design Engineer

Neel Kurupassery , Design Engineer

Richi Chen , Production Engineer

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